Guitaraoke Night Pubs

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Dear Pub Owner,

We are pleased to present a new and fun entertainment called: “Guitaraoke Night.” This has all the positive aspects of a Karaoke Night…without the trainwreck that stops people from coming out. Basically, you get quality entertainment without paying the expense of a band plus an entourage that always accompanies the performers.

Here is how it works:

A few weeks before Guitaraoke Night your sandwich board announces that there is going to be four consecutive weeks of this event. Further information is provided by Table Top Pyramid Cards and your website and our website.

First Week: We will provide a top quality HOST that will be a great singer and guitar player. Performers can request the HOST for any or all of: Back Up Vocals, Lead Guitar, or Rhythm Guitar.

Second and Third Week: The HOST will run the show and provide a few demonstrations of the software.

Final Night: The audience can vote (with their smartphones) for their favorite performers to qualify for prizes. Anyone that has performed on any Guitaraoke Night will receive a T-SHIRT ON THE FINAL NIGHT…and your place will be packed!

We hope you try a Guitaraoke Night and see how popular this new entertainment is! (PRINTABLE INFO SHEET)

Jim Ripley (250) 863-8372 | email Jim

Note: The Guitaraoke trademark is owned by Next Step Designs Inc. and used under license.